Bans, Evictions & Restricted Visiting

I thought long and hard for several months about what I wanted to put on this page.  I decided there is nothing to be gained by spending time and emotion going through and scanning the copious amounts of evidence of failings of both Cornwall Care Ltd and Barchester.  So many of us have similar stories.  None of the allegations were backed up with evidence from either provider.

You can read my story HERE.  

The purpose of this page is to highlight the key players I consider responsible for finally bringing this issue out into the open, followed by the subsequent national debates in 2016. Our hope is we will eventually see the legislation changes we called for at our Parliamentary event in January 2017, and an end to these bullying practices once and for all.

I would like to say THANK YOU to DOUGLAS WEBB, TRACIE NORTH and MATTHEW NEILL.  If you had not banned and threatened me, the light may never have been shone in one of the many dark corners of 'care' that Alistair Burt, then Social Care Minister mentioned in the Social Care Debate (2016).

Douglas Webb
Chief Executive
Cornwall Care Ltd
Sept 2013-Oct 2015

Current role?  
See below

Douglas left the company to progress his own business, then returned as a Consultant. In 2017 he was Acting CEO of Abbeyfield Society.  In August 2017 YVM received a message from Abbeyfield stating that Douglas was no longer with their company.

Confusing to see his latest LinkedIn Profile (14 Sept 2017) which has been amended from when I last read it.  It now states he is CEO at Cornwall Care Sept 2003-present.  No mention of his interim activities at Abbeyfield. He is also not named as CEO on Cornwall Care Ltd web site (14 Sept 2017). 
Tracie North
Director of Operations and Quality
Cornwall Care Ltd
June 2005-Jan 2012

It is my understanding Tracie now works for Skills for Care (2017)

Tracie North played her part in my Ban in 2010.  The day my Mum-in-law moved into Trevarna, she offered an open door to me and my family, if we had any concerns, no matter how small.  How foolish of us to put our trust in her.  She also accused my father of stalking her when he hand delivered a letter to reception at Cornwall Care Head office.

9 JULY 2010 

"I refer to your meeting on Tuesday 7h July 2O1O with Sharon Colston, Operation and Quality Network Manager when you were informed that we will now be dealing with this issue under our procedures governing vexatious and habitual complaints."

"Our staff have quoted and written statements to explain how they feel harassed in your presence, constantly disregarding any of their excellent attributes and constantly trying to draw information from them.
Staff have also engaged with you in regards to Mrs Moore's care and some of them felt you have disregarded their explanation in relation to your concerns and then written reports back to the management, therefore devaluing their position."

"I confirm after careful judgement and discretion in regards to the above criteria, your complaints have been identified as habitual and vexatious; therefore Cornwall Care will now be implementing the Procedure for dealing with Habitual or Vexatious Complainants."

22 APRIL 2016

"I write to advise you that, as a result of your recent unacceptable behaviour when at Mount Tryon Care Home, I am imposing conditions on your future attendance at Mount Tryon (“the home”).  If you fail to comply with those conditions I will have no alternative but to ban you from visiting the home or entering upon its surrounding land."

"1. When you visit the home you are authorised only to go to the room of Mrs Rose Moore to visit with her there.  You are not authorised to access any other parts of the home or its surrounding land other than for the purpose of going to Mrs Moore's room and nor are you authorised to linger in any transit areas unless you are in the company of Mrs Rose Moore.


2. You are prohibited from discussing any matters with the staff of the home, other residents or their relatives when attending to visit Mrs Moore.  If there are any issues relating to Mrs Moore and her care that you wish to raise you should send these to by e-mail as set out below.


3. If any interaction with Barchester staff arises (through the need to deliver care to Mrs Moore for example) you are to treat them politely and courteously and, in accordance with paragraph 2 above, you are not to discuss any care issues save any matters of emergency care that Mrs Moore may immediately require (for example because of a presenting medical emergency).


4. Generally, in all conduct, you should ensure that you do not act in a way that is not conducive to the proper and effective running of the home.


5.  You must desist from emailing any Barchester employees other than the Operations Manager who is running Mount Tryon that being, for the time being, Sue Watson.


I hope that these conditions are clear but if that is not the case, please let me know.


Please ensure that you comply strictly with the conditions.  If you fail to do so in any way or if it is deemed that your behaviour is not wholly conducive to the efficient and effective running of Mount Tryon Care Home, then I will have no alternative other than to prohibit you from any further visits with immediate effect."

Matthew Neill
Divisional Director (Interim)
Barchester Healthcare Ltd
Jan 2016-Dec 2017

Currently working as an independant consultant
(14 Sept 2017)
If Matthew had not threatened to ban me in April 2016, I would not have asked for another meeting with Andy Burnham.  It was this meeting which inspired me to focus all my efforts on bans and evictions. I wrote the page for the web site Rights to Speak Up For Care and held our first Parliamentary event focusing on legislation change to end this bullying practice.

If you have or are being bullied by a care provider

when trying to keep your loved one safe


They will protect their own interests at all costs  

Hold your head high and be proud you did the right thing

Know you did your best for your loved one

Understand that there are just simply some things too
powerful and well protected for you to change

Do not allow them to make YOU a victim of the system too

You have something they will never have  ...

Compassion. Honesty. Integrity.

Please look after you.

14 September 2017