Mr Surinda Khuruna Care Home Owner in denial

Northfield Care Homes Limited. Provider Mr Surinder Khuruna

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner recently reported about the closure of Oxford Grange Care Home on Oxford Road, at Dewsbury for a whole raft of failings including lack of staff. Rated Inadequate. Mr Khuruna closed down two more of his homes: West House on Quarry Road, Dewsbury, and Sunnyside also on Oxford Road after the CQC made his life hell and put his health at risk. He also did not believe the stricter CQC regime was "necessary." Mr Khuruna has suffered three strokes in the past six months. He also stated "My homes didn't have any problems until the new Inspections came in last year (2014). I am sorry that your health isn't good Mr Khuruna and that you have lost two million because of these closures and actions by the CQC and have had to put people out of work, but you see (scratches head ... Columbo style), I am a little puzzled Mr Khuruna about having no problems in the past at your homes? You seem to have suffered memory loss like some of your residents?

West House Care Home which was rated Inadequate when it was closed down by yourself. You seemed to have forgotten that it failed CQC Inspections on these dates: 25/6/2012; 18/9/2013 and on 15/4/2014. All during the old CQC system. Oxford Grange the home that the CQC closed down while you were unconscious after suffering a stroke. Here again the CQC failed this home on the 20/6/2013 in four areas including an enforcement on Cleanliness and Infection Control. On the 13/12/2013 failures in three areas. Again all in the past and before the new inspection system started.

The homes were a disgrace. All three currently rated Inadequate. This isn't bad luck and two of the three with very serious issues in the past. I am going to do financial checks into this company and take a look at the care homes apparently in Lincolnshire to see what the position is there. Apparently Mr Khuruna owns another five more care homes there.

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