Funding of care. A perspective not many want to talk about

No matter what the care package is, no matter if at home, in a care home or in hospital, all funds provided by Government/State/council follow the same principle, there is a finite amount of money avalable for necessary resources.

The NHS or Local Authority must fund where appropriate, but it must be realistic. A care package must be put in place. But it may not be the one desired.

The Care Home Peddlers of Doom, Professor Martin Green of Care England and Nadra Ahmed of The National Care Association are not going to get anywhere with their insistent demands, almost mantra like of more Government and Council money for those they support and especially the big top providers.

Like it or not Nadra and Martin the pot isn't bottomless.

Likewise you are not going to get money from those who do not subscribe to your philosophy. The solution of throwing more money at the crisis is not the answer to everything. Throwing good money after bad doesn't work,it only puts off the inevitable for a while.

Bad economic policy and practices are more too blame and an unstable and inappropriate financial system of operation.

Maybe too some of the big boys who shout the loudest should consider this.:

What you provide is a commodity like it or not, all services and goods are commodities. All such commodities have a price. That price must be realistic. Either too expensive or too cheap and its market value becomes either positive or negative inflated.

Perhaps the truth is the asking price for services is unrealistic and too high! Food for thought.

Food for further thought would be to repeal The NHS Community Care Act of 1990 totally.

Ending local authorities right to commission care from private providers. This seems to be the heart of the problem.

Return to two separate sectors that don't interact. Basically it is those service users who are funded by NHS or LA that should be taken out from the private market.

The private market to be only for self funders. Expensive short term, but beneficial long term.

A new infrastructure will have to be built but elements of what's left of LA care homes and NHS units should be employed.

Taxation to increase to cover it.

'Where Does the Money Go?' CRESC Public Interest Report March 2016. An excellent read Click HERE

The disaster that is so much of the care industry needs to be resolved.

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