BBC Panorama Morleigh Care Home Group Expose

18 November 2016 MEDIA STATEMENT - PANORAMA "With regards to recent concerns, we have already been made aware of issues as a result of a report by the BBC One show Panorama. Our investigations to date, and indeed prior to the receipt of information from Panorama, have resulted in the removal of the staff involved, together..." Morleigh Care Home Group web site


"We continue to comply fully with ongoing investigations at our care homes Elmsleigh, Collamere and St Theresa’s, but wish to assure all, in response to the current speculation, that we have no plans to close these homes. We would also like to confirm that there are no ongoing police..."

7 November 2016 MEDIA STATEMENT - CLOSURE OF CLINTON HOUSE "The Morleigh Group confirms that today we have taken the careful decision to close one of our homes, Clinton House in St Austell. We are working very closely with Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow and the Care Quality Commission to relocate residents as quickly, sensitively and safely as possible. ..."

Clinton House, St Austell, Cornwall 20 November 2016


In 2009 my in-laws were admitted to Brake Manor. We moved them out after a short time, because of concerns for their safety.

In 2010 I set up Your Voice Matters and our organisation have been working hard to expose the Morleigh care home Group ever since, supporting care staff and families who contacted us privately and regularly during the last 6 years. They came to us in despair, feeling unheard and disbelieved.

Since 2009 we have raised repeated concerns about the Morleigh care home group to the Care Quality Commission. Many others had also raised concerns over several years, with no positive outcomes.

We have worked tirelessly since 2010 to attract the interest of national media to investigate not only the Morleigh Group, but other providers nationally. In 2016 we had a breakthrough, a film-maker agreed to explore the Morleigh Group as a possible expose.

Your Voice Matters are disappointed and surprised to discover we are not included in the BBC Panorama programme 21 November 2016. All we wished for was to be acknowledged for our assistance, as without that, the making of this programme would not have been possible. We had previously written to the relevant parties and today decided to contact the BBC expressing our disappointment. It is important to us that people realise we are not only keyboard warriors on social media! We work very hard on many projects behind the scenes at Your Voice Matters, much of which the public do not see.

The inclusion of Your Voice Matters by national media, could help prevent similar care stories in the future, as more people will become aware of us and know we are a credible organisation to come to with their concerns.

We do not want to see care homes closing. We do not want to see residents moved and staff lose their jobs. This situation we are now witnessing in Cornwall was avoidable and should have been addressed years ago to prevent this tragedy.

Your Voice Matters voice alone is not enough. We need those working and visiting care homes who have concerns about neglect/abuse to work with us. It makes our voice stronger when we push for action. Cornwall Council, Care Quality Commission, NHS Kernow, Healthwatch Cornwall, local MP's - where were you as this nightmare continued for years? A big shout out to all the good care staff who try their very best to deliver good care to vulnerable people in not only the Morleigh Group, but all care homes across the UK. The bad apples working in this sector create a very negative image of the role of a care worker. Your Voice Matters are on your side, we know it is not all care staff who fail in their duty of care. This is why we are proud to announce a new partnership with UKSWA, The Voice for Care and Support Workers Together, we need to shine a light on those who fail the vulnerable and create a future where care homes are safe and happy places to live, visit and work.

Myself and Ian wish to thank everyone who trusted in us to share information on the Morleigh Group. We know how hard it was for them to do. This result could not have been achieved without their help.

We will make further comment after the Programme.

Jenny Moore Ian Cresswell

Founder/Director Director

Your Voice Matters CIC Your Voice Matters CIC

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