CQC The Weakest Link - Goodbye!

The blazing headlines a few days ago showed that one in four care homes are non compliant. The CQC have now checked everyone since the new inspection regime came in, along with Andrea Sutcliffe's 'Mum Test'. 9 Oct 2014 'Making the 'Mum Test' real: Our new model for inspecting adult social care has launched today!' Click HERE to read Result things have got worse. The CQC have had more makeovers than Victoria Beckham with even less success. Following damaging failures at Mid-Stafford, Morecambe Bay, Basildon and pledges of new methods and learning by mistakes, sadly nothing has changed. The new methods are no different than the old methods in effectiveness, or more importantly making care homes follow regulations. There is no deterrent, no fear and no providers respect for the CQC. Very different from Health & Safety.

They know they can get away with so much, especially when you are a large top six provider. No matter how bad one of their homes are, or how many consecutive non-compliants it receives, CQC will not enforce closure. They may be expected to fall on their own swords. 'The Mum' test is a joke. The CQC is a joke. Great to hear news of five providers taken to court and fined and three jailed. Great loads of notifications warnings issued, but useless because many never result in closure, and certainly not if you are a big provider. Time for the CQC to go. Including nearly everyone at the top. Most mid bosses and most of the inspectors. Bye bye David Behan, Peter Wyman, maybe Andrea Sutcliffe herself. All very well saying this is totally unacceptable every time a new shocking headline hits the Media. But empty words without tougher action. Andrea knows what's going on. Jenny Moore and myself have told her enough times, so have many others, but she pretends with shock and horror. When we have shared valuable insights, this has on occasions been met with denial by Andrea and the senior CQC managers Jenny met with regularly. Either she is naive, living in her own ivory tower wearing rose coloured glasses, or it's a cool and calculated smoke and mirrors exercise. But fault shouldn't just rest with The CQC. Local Authorities and Social Services must carry a huge share. Through logistical ring fencing which the CQC operates itself and co-operates with (but Andrea continues to deny), Government too and Ministry of Health. The CQC is Piggie in the middle. It should have developed a backbone and grown balls, but it hasn't and never will! Can't bite the hands of those that give it money can it? ... Government and big care providers. Time to go and take The Walk of Shame. You Are The Weakest Link ... Goodbye!

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