Four Seasons - HC-One Hand to Mouth

Hand To Mouth Four Seasons.

Interesting to note the figure of 150 care homes closed, closing or sold. Between the lines all seriously non-compliant homes such as their one at Morecambe Bay, Broadway and others closing recently are in this category of no more investment, get rid.

Forget the standard excuses of unstable management, unavailability of Nurses, staff, it's just a cover job! Guy Hand truly is King Midas In Reverse. All turns to rust. Remember 50% of care fees goes to cover financial restructuring debt and not into the care home. The real economic crisis and not Government/ Council fault but purely the providers. 'Debt-laden care homes giant Four Seasons makes survival appeal as interest deadline looms' Read article HERE

Patel's HC ONE record Has been getting worse overall and not just in Tameside. God Help those ex-BUPA residents now part of the HC-One empire.

Yew Tree care home, Duckinfield, Tameside, Manchester 'Unkempt, bathed once a month and left to feed each other - the shameful way one care home treated its residents with dementia' Read article HERE. Shameful example of HC-One, here going under the Meridian Brand, but still owned by the Dementia Guru and glory boy Dr Chia Patel present as care! Care more like the hell homes of Romania and the Burma Railway Prison Camps of World War 11. For Peter Clarke who has been fighting for justice for ages against the United forces of HC-One, Local Authority, Social Services and CQC.

I understand from information received from Peter that 11 out of 13 Meridian Healthcare Limited care homes, AKA HC-ONE are non-compliant in Tameside, but there are others in different parts of the north. CQC web site link HERE .

It isn't a coincidence to have so many homes in an area by the company failing together. It's corporate systemic system failure. Would indicate a company economically failing? Maybe Patel is wanting to get rid of them to raise cash for buying those BUPA homes? HC-one is built on economic sand. Whilst over in York ..... York Council appoint HC-One to take over previous Burnholme school site for new care home. Read Article HERE .

23 August 2017 'Bupa sells 122 care homes for £300m' Read article HERE .

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