The Lot of the Care Worker

1.     Getting up at stupid o’clock to be at your first call, only to find that the call has been cancelled

        and no-one from the office has bothered to let you know! Or driving to other calls only to find they

        have been cancelled, wasting your time AND petrol getting to them!


2.     Not getting enough travel time between calls because the office have used route planner to get the

        times, but neglecting to consider the dreaded early morning school run, or the rush hour, so you end

        up rushing like a headless chicken, to get to your next call!


3.     Finding out that you have added calls on your run, and you have not been asked if you can do them,

        and that well deserved coffee break you were looking forward to has been taken off you!


4.     Not being paid your travel time because, your employer believes that you are non productive, despite

        the fact that you are wearing your company uniform, with your company logo on, and

        travelling to and from your calls on the companies business. How is this not working?!


5.    Being pestered to do more hours, because they don’t have enough staff to cover calls!  And, if

       you dare to say no, the company will accuse you of  “letting down the service user” or “letting down

       the team” or even reduce your hours.  But even if they do reduce your hours, they are back on the

       phone nagging you to do more hours because they cant cover the shifts! In short they don’t want you

       to have a personal life, and all this for minimum wage!


6.    Expect young mums with kids, just to drop everything and go to work to cover shifts.


7.    Finishing at 11pm at night and then being expected to be at your first call at 6.30am the next



8.    Get no job security, because you are on a zero hour contract.


9.    Do not get sick pay (SSP doesn’t count), you have no company benefits or perks to speak of.


10.  Your fear for your job and other reprisals, if you even dare to speak up and raise your concerns.


Paul Featherstone
NACAS Ltd   (formerly UKSWA)