Two Tier Care Home System

"All the UK will end up with is posh care homes for the rich and care home dumps for the poor, which, themselves, will disappear, as will tax credits, with the neocon government stating that state involvment with ‘the market’ is inappropriate – you should have made provision for your own care costs."  Lenin Nightingale
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The Your Voice Matters team during 2015 have reported on the way 'Super Care Homes' are emerging, a new generation of homes for the rich.  

What WILL happen to those without the money to pay for it?

We hear from the big names in the care sector how they are financially struggling, yet NONE OF THEM mention the way self funding residents have propped up care providers finances.

Also remember, expensive looking care homes, with no doubt matching high fees does not guaranteed good care.  These hotel concept care homes are only the same as what we have now, just presented with more fancy packaging.  Here is just one example of many:

10 Sept 2015  "A £16million care facility on Wearside “requires improvement” in key areas just a couple of months after it was officially opened, according to a health watchdog."  Click HERE.